Almuftah Window Film

Welcome to ALMUFTAH WINDOW FILM, your number one source for window tinting for both cars and buildings. Heat protection is a priority in the Gulf States where outdoor temperatures can reach above 50˚C. The benefit of fitting a high performance heat protection window film is instantly noticeable once you step inside your car.

ALMUFTAH WINDOW FILM we exclusively supply films (3M) in various tints and shades with thermal insulation properties up to 70% on our high performance VIP films.

Founded in 2010, ALMUFTAH WINDOW FILM is dedicated to giving you the very best and effective window films, body paint protection, undercoating protection and car polishing, with a focus on quality service and customer satisfaction, as we have come a long way in the field of window tinting with high Quality films & installation.

Our ever-growing family of window film professionals shares the common goals of personal success and making your road trip a cooler, more comfortable and safer experience.

Commitment to Excellence

It is ALMUFTAH WINDOW FILM’s ongoing commitment to provide the best quality product available coupled with the highest degree of customer service and support to all customers. ALMUFTAH WINDOW FILM’s team is always prepared to help with product selection, installation methods, and technical questions, to ensure customers satisfaction.

Try our films and we will be glad to hear from you, as your feedback is the most important part of our progress and improvement. You can trust us that you will appreciate the care and dedication that we put into every product and service we offer.

Our Services

Almuftah Window Film is the dealers of 3M Window Films in Qatar providing with the unique opportunity to offer their customers a superior product at a competitive price.

  • Protective Transparent Window Films
    • Reflects 95% of ultraviolet Sunlight
    • Controls reflection of light during day & night
    • Increase window and glass safety
    • Enhances windows look
  • Car Body Protection
    • Protects car body from external factors
    • Protects car body from small accidents
    • Keeps car body new for longer period
  • Car Polish
    • Removal of bird dropping and tree sap
    • Remove prints of salty water and insect
    • Cleaning of rims and lights
    • Restore car’s shininess

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Brands & Products
  • 3M films
  • Sparco items
  • Interior and exterior protection
  • Car undercoating
  • Car accessories
  • Car mats
  • Decorative stickers
  • LED lights
  • grills
  • headlights/tailights
  • grills