Industrial Equipment and Components

Almuftah Group engages in the procurement, installation, and maintenance of large-scale industrial electrical and mechanical equipment, including elevatorsescalators, and other transport systems, automatic passagespower generating sets, and various types of machinery used in different applications for the oil and gas industry. In addition, our divisions' after-sales and maintenance units also carry various components and auxiliary items needed for the upkeep and proper functioning of the many types of equipment being offered by the company.

Almuftah Automatic Doors

In 2006, the Almuftah Automatic Doors Division was founded by Almuftah Group after forging an exclusive partnership with Ditec S.p.A. of Italy, one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of automated doors and barriers.

Almuftah Elevators and Escalators

Almuftah Group founded its Elevators and Escalators Division in 2005 to provide technological solutions that can help move people within the growing number of edifices in Qatar.

Almuftah Power Technology

Almuftah Power Technology was established to provide efficient and reliable power solutions to customers in Qatar. Realising the growing demand for electricity in the country, Almuftah Group worked in cooperation with Saudi Arabian conglomerate Alkhorayef Group and recently with Precision Industries (Dubai) to introduce their proprietary heavy duty generators — marketed under the brand name Gulf Power — into the Qatari market. These generator sets combine the outstanding performance of industry-leading diesel engines from John Deere and Volvo Penta with the superior efficiency of alternators from Stamford.

Almuftah Projects and Industrial Services (AMPIS)

Anticipating the rapid industrial development that would transpire in Qatar and transform the nation in the years to come, Almuftah Group established Almuftah Projects and Industrial Services (AMPIS) in 1986.

Almuftah Trading (Technical and Service)

Almuftah Trading and Contracting Company's Technical and Service Division were established simultaneously with Electronics and Appliances Division in 1971 so that we can provide effective after-sales support for our clients. We have made it our commitment to protect the operating life cycle of our products to ensure the fulfillment of their long-term obligations towards consumers.